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Linen Care

Flax grows and thrives well in cool and wet climates, which means that irrigation is not necessary. This makes linen a good choice for the planet, since water is often a shortcoming.

Linen care:
The linen becomes softer and more beautiful the more it is washed. Linen also absorbs water more effectively compared to cotton. Linen can withstand high water temperatures, yes it can even be boiled. We recommend 40-60 degrees. But be aware that the higher the temperature, the faster the colors fade. We don´t recommend fabric softeners. It breaks down the flax fiber and is also not environmentally friendly.

Blends of linen terry and linen/cotton should be washed at between 40-60°C. Unwashed linen has a shrinkage of approx. 5-7%. It should not be tumble dried too hard (except for linen terry where recommended). It is much easier to iron when it is damp. The linen is a strong and durable fiber but gets creases (wrinkles) easily. Some people love the wrinkles, others want to mangle the linen smooth. You simply do what you want! In the beginning, the linen is most prone to wrinkles. A good tip is to soak the linen in water for about 15 minutes before the first washes. Then the fiber softens and wrinkles less.

Linen CAN be tumble-dried, but just like all textiles, the lifespan will be somewhat shorter. But I have now tumble-dried my oldest own bath towels in linen terry for 20 years and they are still just as fantastic! Always check your lint filter before washing large quantities of linen (tablecloths, duvets, linen terry). There is always a lot of fibers coming off the first washes and if the fluff filter is already full, it can easily become too much and the machine can stop. Feel free to check the fluff filter also after this wash.

Good luck, and enjoy the best natural sourced fabric ever!