Axlings Linne
»To me, linen represents the perfect blend of qualities. It is natural, warming, cooling and, above all, durable. Nothing ages more beautifully!«

Fredrik Axling


  • Lavender bag Säckväv
  • Toiletry bag Burlap small
  • Toiletry bag Burlap big
  • Tablecloth Träda
    GREEN, 138×250
    1 889kr
  • Towel Gästabud
  • Paper napkin Gästabud
  • Cushion cover Vändteg
  • Cushion cover Linåker

Linen represents the perfect blend of qualities It is natural, warming and cooling

Axlings Linne

Axlings Linne has been working with linen since 1992. The idea to start our own linen company was born out of the love for natural materials and the desire to create beautiful linen products. We have always combined classic material and traditional production techniques with modern Scandinavian design.

Today, we are proud of our linen products and the quality and function they provide to our clients around the world – from interior design shops, restaurants and catering firms to hotels, spas and beauty salons. We also provide specialized services, such as customized tablecloths and individual design requests. You can find our resellers throughout Sweden as well as in Europe and the United States.

In our assortment, you will find linen products for all of your needs – from tablecloths, runners, towels, napkins to bed linens, cushion covers, bath towels and toiletry bags as well as fabric by meter.

We hope that you will enjoy our linen and products as much as we do!

Linen For functional kitchens

Because of it’s superior quality, Linen is the perfect material for the kitchen. Linen withstands higher temperatures and stains less than cotton. It also absorbs water more effectively and gets stronger when it is wet. It also has a natural anti microbal properties. Linen is very durable and is easy to wash, giving it a long lifespan. It is often used by artisan bakers and chefs around the world.

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